The Enterprise Framework

Prove My Concept expands enterprise education by providing an online platform that accurately reflects the real business world. This is a place for students to create, develop and test their business ideas.

The inspirational entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, all have something in common – they had an idea and they turned it into an enormously successful business.

You can too – and the first step is working with Prove My Concept to transform your idea into a real business model.

Tens of thousands of students have ideas for businesses but it is a sad fact that the majority of 16-19 year olds will give up before they've even started...don’t become one of them!


How does it work?

Prove My Concept is here to help ambitious students like YOU in schools nationwide by giving you the confidence to pitch your idea in style! We provide the following:

1.     Self Testing Framework

2.     Case Studies and other resources

3.     TWO National Competitions

The Prove My Concept website enables anyone to complete a thorough analysis of their business concept whatever their experience or education.

Providing you with links to a wealth of carefully selected web resources, safe in the knowledge that the only people with access to their ideas are you and your teachers. enables you to analyse your ideas for business with a simple to use framework that takes you through a step-by-step process allowing you to think about the business in full.

Your answers will help you create a focused, well-researched business plan that will serve as your ticket to success. The plan will detail how the business will be operated, managed and financed.


The National Competitions

The coming academic year will see two fantastic Prove My Concept competitions:

April 2012 will see a competition for socially responsible ventures, be they focusing on education, the environment or health; an award of up to £5000 from UnLtd will be given out.

July 2012 will present the ‘Prove My Concept National Competition’ – an opportunity for you and your students to showcase their ideas in front of an expert panel with the chance of winning £5000 for the students and an additional £5000 for your school.









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