Stage 1

The Prove My Concept website uses the same platform used by olders entrepreneurs who are specifically developing ideas to create businesses and social enterprises, as well as access financial backing. Why is this important? The Prove My Concept online tool has the capacity help you create and idea, develop it further, and if you want, really test its viability in the real-world.

Begin by creating an idea and updating your profile. Maybe you see a social issue that you want to solve in your community; maybe you have an idea for a new product; maybe you have a fundraising idea or an event you want to develop. Brainstorm, ask friends to give their feedback and when you are ready put your idea in the Prove My Concept tool.

You might find the questions challenging at times but do not fear; there are links to lots of resources to help you answer them! Remember, no idea is perfect...


Stage 2

Now you have got a concept being developed and you are making progress.

Keep testing your idea by going through the tool and answering its questions. Start with the Basics Framework and once you have finished that move on to the PMC Viability Framework. Make sure to maximise the effectivness of the PMC tool by accessing the Help Centre and inviting Advisors to give feeback (teachers, friends, parents, chosen business mentors.

Prove My Concept is specifically designed to support you in creating an idea, all the while learning about idea generation and business, developing valuable skills and qualities and connecting to people who can become your professional network .

You can work to proving your concept by speaking to customers / getting quotes from suppliers / getting advice from people who have started business before. You may want to ask advice or find out what problems they had when starting up.

It is yours, so get as much background as you can from those that have done something similar. Keep up the effort so that your idea, if you so choose, can be put forward for a competition with UnLtd or O2 Think Big!

Stage 3...

If your teacher puts you forward for one of these competitions, you may get the chance to meet with business experts and mentors face to face and win between 300 - 2,000 pounds worth of prizes!!!




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