Student FAQ

How will Prove My Concept help me?In lots of ways. We help you create and test an idea, provide you with the best resources to do so, connect you with advisors and connect you with competitions.

So can Prove My Concept make me rich?It can certainly help!

How long will it take? How long is a piece of string!?! The more effort you put into analysing the concept the better the concept will be… and the more likely you will be to win in one of our competitions!

Typically the first draft takes 5-8 hours. You can think of it as an hour or two every week for a month. We firmly believe that our online system is one of the best (/ the very best) and it has been designed to help you in every step of the way. We do however recommend that you take your time when uploading your plan. This is no quick fix - if you want to see your idea through you need to demonstrate that you are committed to it. 

Is there a restriction to the type of idea?The only restrictions are your imagination! (And porn, we don’t want to see any business concepts that involve pornography. Or drugs, in fact anything that is illegal won’t be well received.)

I’ve already got a concept I’m working on can I use that?Yes! Please do!

What will it cost me?Nothing. Zip. Nada.

PMC charges schools on a per term basis for the service to cover the cost of running the website, holding the events and continuing to develop the service.

My school isn't registered,can I still use the site?I'm afraid not... Ask your teacher to visit the website and get in contact with us to learn more.

I want to work with my mate, can I? How?Of course you can. Invite them as an avdisor.

Who else can see my work?You can see your idea and so can your teachers and the people you choose to invite as Advisors. The Prove My Concept team will look at the potential finalists’ concepts during the selection. That’s it.

What qualifications do I have to have?None. This is not just for people who take business studies. It doesn’t matter what you study, geography, or art, or maths, or history, or photography or any subject you study at school will help you.

How can “any subject” help me!?!? Surely this is just for people who study economics?Not at all!!!! In geography you learn about markets (as demographics), in art you learn about design, in chemistry you learn how to analyse, in history you learn how to evaluate sources of information, in P.E you learn about time management… every subject will teach you something different that is applicable to evaluating business concepts.

How old do I have to be?You can be any age to use the site, but to be eligible to enter the national competition, you must be 16-19 years old (sixth form) - or simply studying for A-Levels.

Can I get feedback from you?We only give feedback to finalists. There are only a few of us! 

What will I need to do for my teachers?You aren’t doing this for your teachers. You are doing this for yourself. We suggest asking your teachers to give you feedback by either printing out your proposal and going through it with them offline. Or you can ask them to log on to the website and leave comments on the plan. It is up to individual schools to decide how they will choose who gets put forward to the nation finals. So best to ask your teacher who is in charge of the entries at your school. 

What are the competitions? Please see the competition page for more details, but to be brief, we work with UnLtd and O2 Think Big to put your ideas forward.

What if I start and think it isn’t working, what then?Then you have a good old think to see if there is anyway you can make the idea work, you ask other people if they think the idea could work… if the answer is still no, then you stop. Safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to pursue an idea that will never work and having gained a valuable new skill, the ability to analyse a business concept.

I’ve got exams and will have to take time out for revision, will this work?School work comes first. This isn’t particularly time intensive. An hour or two every week will see you get together a decent plan in a month.

What is the time limit?There is no time limit, just because you don’t enter this year doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enter next year. 

How will I know if my business concept will work?Use the tools and find out!


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