Case Studies

The concept:
A sports portal for avid sports fans. Rammed full with user generated content, fan blogs, expert blogs, videos and exclusive content (such as UFC feeds).


At, they understand it is the fans that really breathe the life and soul into sport.

They were tired of having to scour all over the web for their daily fix of sports content, and wished there could be one place to get all the information and debate it with fellow fans.

Fans from all over the world are joining in, united by the common language of sport. Users decide how to watch, create and share your content - everything is geared towards you, the fan.

If you have a point of view (and what sports fan doesn't?) gives you the platform to make yourself heard.


How we helped them:
Charlie asked us to help cover some tech aspects with their product road-map and for some suggested providers of outsourced services as they entered a second round of funding for £400,000. James (King) spent a day with Pete and Charlie reviewing their offering and helping them select technologies and providing an external opinion.

Our involvement now:
We introduced Charlie to Clock and Cogniance (exceptional world class tech development teams that have loads of experience with start-ups). We also introduced the team to one of our FIGureheads, Peter Ward - the founder of WAYN. As a social network start-up veteran, Peter was able to offer some great advice and even went on to make some useful introductions for the guys.

They went on to raise finance external to FIG, but stay in close contact with us as we have open conversation about how we can work together in the future.
And who knows… maybe their next round of finance will be with us!

We don’t ask for exclusivity, because we know that it may stunt your growth. Our quality of service is what keeps the communication channels open for your growth and our growth in the future.


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