There are more than 1.1 million young people in the UK who are NEETs (not in education, employment or training).

In the past 5 years there has been a 240% increase in youth unemployment. The numbers are shocking!

A report, based on interviews with 1,720 18 to 30-year-olds by YouGov and commissioned by The Prince's Trust and Royal Bank of Scotland, found 41 per cent aspire to set up in business and 78 per cent had an idea.  However, 56 per cent had done nothing. Nearly half said they were not provided with enough information on self-employment. 


The solution 

You work extremely hard preparing students for exams that provide them with the qualifications they need for their futures. There is no exam or qualification based on a student’s ability, skill and experience in creating and developing an idea based on a need identified, a market undiscovered or a desire unfulfilled. 

The process that encapsulates this journey is one that builds the application of knowledge, problem solving, understanding of real business considerations and analytical ability. It also develops vital attitudes and qualities that drive success academically and in life, namely; aspiration, ambition, confidence and awareness in preperation for employment and enterprise.  

Prove My Concept is an online enterprise education platform designed specifically for secondary students that supports them in creating, developing and testing an idea with the support of Advisors.The platform engages students with their teachers and applies core academic subjects in the written communication of ideas and simple financial modeling whilst encouraging teamwork, mature discussion and peer evaluation.To give students the experience and support in developing their own ideas, seeing where they lead and through doing so make use of and develop their skills, attitudes, knowledge and capacity. Going forward ProveMyConcept.com will constantly be developing the platform and resources to enable teachers to interact with one another. 


Cost to school

At present Prove My Concept charges a fee based on number of students attending the school or FE college. Our fees include,  the cost of set-up, continuous development of the website and framework in line with student feedback and advances in technology, in addition to technical support and a free monthly webinar. Please contact us for more information




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